Industrial and Mining

Curtis Electrical Contracting (CEC) has and will continue to be a leader in safety, innovation and supply the latest equipment to our clients 

in the mining and resources sector.

Our motto "Our reputation Counts" helps us strive to maintain our unblemished 10 year safety record and personalized approach to all 

works undertaken,

CEC has a magnitude of experience in the aluminum, mineral sands, gold and iron ore industry with over 80 years combined experience,

Curtis Electrical prides itself as the only local WA company to offer one on one experienced and informative end point solutions to any

maintenance, installation and commissioning in any of these challenging but rewarding sectors.

CEC can offer long term support to any site with stable, reliable, specifically trained and punctual staff who come equipped with site specific 

mine spec vehicles and equipment, complying to the customer's needs and requirements.

The company motto is displayed on all company equipment and is the driving force for all CEC employee's to keep our clients safety, compliance,

production and cost efficiencies as our highest regards.

By forming this relationship we can offer tailored solutions such as but not limited to.....

  • Electrical tendering from small to large scale projects $150K - 2M.HV installations, jointing, terminating and testing.
  • HV powerline corridor replacement, installation, relocation and maintenance to all levels up to 22KV.
  • Earth testing of substations and earth grids.
  • Project electrical upgrades and installations to mines regulations.
  • Camp maintenance and installations.
  • Labour hire + shift cover agreements.
  • Testing and Tagging.
  • EWP access solutions.
  • Mining production maintenance including plant and booster pump relocation.
  • Dewatering and work pack tasks as required by clients.
  • Minor sheet metal fabrication and switchboard refurbishments.
  • Confined space access requirements.
  • Regulatory testing and recording of site specific items as required by the mines inspection act and other governing bodies.
  • Asset Management for : 
                                     - Motor inspections
- RCD Testing 
- VRD Testing 
- Air conditioning
- Power pole inspections 
- Substation cleaning 
- Transformer inspections 

Curtis Electrical is the reliable, safe and versatile electrical contractor for your next project or site maintenance needs,

we make it easy for our clients to work with us towards a mutually beneficial relationship, so why not contact one of our

project managers for any requirements or up and coming works on your site for an obligation free chat.