Reconnecting power following the South West fires

Reconnecting power following the South West fires

Western Power crews have commenced replacing the nearly 1000 power poles damaged by the recent fires in what will be an unprecedented rebuild of the electricity network in Western Australia.

As large as the task ahead is, Western Power is well prepared and has spent considerable time planning the reconstruction effort to help the affected South West communities recover from the event.
Electrical Inspectors are assessing properties within the fire zone to ensure properties are electrically safe, before being reconnected to the network.
Western Power encourages electrical contractors and other industry personnel to help ensure the recovery effort is carried out safely.

  • Where an assessment has been completed, an information tag will be attached to the property’s main meter box confirming its condition i.e. safe to connect, do not connect etc. 
  • A customer pack will be issued to the customer if:
    • Visible damage to a customer’s service apparatus has been identified and requires the customer to engage an electrical contractor to repair the damage; or
    • A further assessment of the property is recommended   
  • If damage is identified within the property’s installation, an Inspector's Order will be issued to the customer. An electrical contractor must be engaged to complete the necessary repairs before the property can be reconnected to the network.
  • Electrical Inspectors will be temporarily located at Western Power’s Waroona Depot during the recovery effort.  If an electrical contractor has been engaged by a customer and the work has been completed before the Order has been received, the temporary disconnection tag can be returned to the Inspector's area. 

Due to the extensive work required, the recovery effort and restoration of the network will take some time to complete. It is possible that properties may be ready for reconnection before network infrastructure has been repaired or restored.
In this case, customers are encouraged to organise generators for interim power which can be organised through a private electrical contractor.  If the contractor installs a generator, they must ensure the generator supply does not feed back into the network.

list of electrical contracting businesses

who are available to assist with restoring power and providing services to residents affected by the fires. 
For more information, contact Western Power on 13 10 87 

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