The Split System Air Conditioner

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With many benefits, it’s no wonder why split air conditioners are a go-to choice for cooling down a space. These traits include: Affordable – Split system air conditioners are one of the most affordable systems available...


About us

The Company History:

Curtis Electrical Contracting pty ltd is owned by the Curtis Family Trust and commenced trading in March 2005. The business director has worked in the area for 18 years whilst the company has sustainably grown from strength to strength over the last 10 years of operation, In 2011 we moved into our new workshop in McLarty St Waroona which has allowed us to further expand with our clients including satellite branches at Cataby and Onslow and surrounding areas in the mid and north west.  

Relevant Experience:

Curtis Electrical have a motto “Our Reputation Counts” and pride ourselves in the fact that we believe that there is nothing that we can’t achieve, We have fully trained personnel with experience covering a wide range of the industry with over 50 years combined experience in Local Government, Mining, Mineral Sands, Alumina & Gold, Commercial, Domestic & Rural and with our younger team members this can only improve. Curtis Electrical employs 90% of its team from Waroona and prides itself on being the preferred local electrician for not only the district but all our clients. Curtis Electrical has the local knowledge, experience and personal approach that will be a valuable asset towards meeting and exceeding your job requirements.

Asset management is the next step moving forward for Curtis Electrical and with new systems to monitor and report and staff with 6 years’ experience in asset management it is our goal to provide an end point solution with a focus on “Proactive not Reactive” results.